Creative Dreams Photography provides portraits: Family, Children, Senior, and Weddings in the Washington, Iowa area.

 Also available for traveling.  

Creative Dreams has a limited indoor location, we offer outdoors and we also have traveling equipment. Sessions are generally 30 minutes-1 hour depending on session.

 Senior's and Multi-family take a little longer.  

 Proofs take about 2 weeks before they are ready to be viewed. Depending on the package you choose. We offer USB with print release or we offer print packages.

(Please ask for pricing and package information.) 

Proofs are viewed in color, black and white or with different color filters. If you would like some to be in the original format we can always change it back since we keep all the originals.  



When picking clothes, remember that simple is good. Avoid trends that will make your photo's look dated in six months. Avoid clothing with pictures, writing or large logos. Unless it goes with the theme of your portraits.

Loud colors, busy patterns, bold stripes, big plaids, polka dots, tank tops, mini skirts, and clothes that are baggy - or too tight-all call attention to the clothes, not the person or family. Best to avoid them. 

Many photographers take portraits from above your eye level to hide double chins or wrinkled necks, and to minimize extra pounds. However, from this angle cleavage is exposed more then likely. If you aren't happy about your arms, neck, etc., try to wear a scarf or sleeves to cover.

Try to remember not to make any big changes such as a hair cut, color, spray tanning. Generally speaking, darker clothing will be more slimming than very light colors, but the best color for you is based on your own skin, eye and hair coloring.



Colors to wear for family pictures.

Try to stick in a color palettes that are eye catching. For more options please check out Pinterest or google for more color themes and options

How to choose your location

The background can bring in color, lines, creativity and can have meaning for a unique portrait to fit your family's personality.  Sky's the limit when you are choosing your special spot.

Kids sessions

Try to relax!!  This can be a very frustrating for a mother. Just remember we want to see the personality's and be able to capture those little attitude's, coos, cry's and big smiles. Things to help out through the session. Scheduling your child's session during nap time or meal time could spell for disaster. You want to make sure your kids are well fed and well rested.  Bring multiple outfits, snacks, and a favorite toy in case the little ones need comfort.   


Plan for props to be a part of your photo. I actually LOVE having props in our photos! I know some of you may not, especially if its family photos for a Christmas card. Sometimes though, you may not have a choice but to bust out those bubbles, those wooden toys, a book, or a blanket to sit on. I think that props adds another dimension to the photos.



How much would it cost if additional time is needed? 

Is this an option? 

We want to give our customers quality portrait's and if additional time is needed we will not charge. 

Can I give you a list of specific shots I'd like? 

Of course we take your requests for shots and do our best to capture them in a way that is unique to you. We will do our best to make sure you get all of the shots you are looking for.

Would the photos on the USB come without a watermark? 

Yes the images that you will receive on the USB will not have a watermark like you would see on social media sites.